Sixto a Velez Natali

General Practice  

2213 Ponce Byp, Ponce , PR - 00717

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Adjuntas Aibonito Angeles Barranquitas Castaner Cayey Ciales Cidra Coamo Comerio Corozal Coto Laurel Guayama Guayanilla Jayuya Juana Diaz Morovis Naranjito Orocovis Penuelas Salinas Santa Isabel Utuado

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Dr. Jose R. Perez Valentin M.D.

MUNOZ RIVERA # 32 , Adjuntas , PR - 00601
Phone: 787-829-1617
Specialty: General Practice

Corporacion Adjuntena De La Salud

20 Calle Rius Rivera , Adjuntas , PR - 00601
Phone: 787-829-2569
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Sigrid D. Perez Frontera M.D.

JM de Andino # 11 , Adjuntas , PR - 00601
Phone: 787-368-1510
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Alexis Roman Torres

20 Calle Barbosa , Adjuntas , PR - 00601
Phone: 787-829-3736
Specialty: General Practice

Aj Health Management Corp

20 Calle Rius Rivera , Adjuntas , PR - 00601
Phone: 787-829-2569
Specialty: General Practice


Edgar Rivera M.D.

Sgto. Gerardo Santiago Street #50 Centro de Salud Familiar Aibonito, Aibonito , PR - 00705
Phone: 787-991-3041
Specialty: General Practice

Angel ERNESTO Diaz M.D.

10K Calle Amapola , Aibonito , PR - 00705
Phone: 787-735-8811
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Wilfredo Afanador Montalvo M.D.

51 Calle Geronimo Martinez , Aibonito , PR - 00705
Phone: 787-735-7215
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Edgar Martinez md

Calle Degetau Norte #60 Bajos , Aibonito , PR - 00705
Phone: 787-991-0920
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Ruben Rosario

CENTRO SALUD FAMILIAR , Aibonito , PR - 00705
Phone: 787-735-7211
Specialty: General Practice


Juan Tull Abreu

carr.602 km0.6 , Angeles , PR - 00611
Phone: 787-814-4318
Specialty: General Practice


Dr. Edgardo R Aponte M.D.

103 Calle Barcelo , Barranquitas , PR - 00794
Phone: 787-857-1987
Specialty: General Practice

Rafael Del Campo M.D.

CARR. 152 KM. 1.5 BO. QUEBRADILLAS, Barranquitas , PR - 00794
Phone: 787-857-5179
Specialty: General Practice

Dr. Juan ISIDRO Guerrero MD

D10 Calle Jazmin HC3 BOX 7586, Barranquitas , PR - 00794
Phone: 787-376-9443
Specialty: General Practice

Juan B Alvarado Rivera MD

C Barcelo #28, Barranquitas , PR - 00794
Phone: 787-857-2688
Specialty: General Practice

Zidnia Marie Colon Blanco M.D.

103 Calle Barcelo , Barranquitas , PR - 00794
Phone: 787-857-1987
Specialty: General Practice
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